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Non-Profit Support

Nonprofit IT Support

Many nonprofit organizations face different challenges in maintaining their IT environment. Often, smaller nonprofits do not have the funds to have a dedicated IT employee causing technology support to fall behind and cause unexpected impacts to operations.

Our focus at Ascend Technology is to help nonprofit organizations:

  • Maintain a reliable and efficient technology infrastructure;
  • Make the most cost-effective purchases, utilizing non-profit discounts;
  • Efficiently utilize technology and technology services to meet business needs;
  • Develop IT policies and procedures;
  • Modernize IT infrastructure, software and equipment to better meet needs;
  • Meet regulatory requirements (i.e. HIPAA); and
  • Obtain quality support and staff training.

Because many nonprofits do not have a dedicated IT staff member, they may be unaware of technology grants, discounts and options available to them. 

We partner with Dell, IBM, Techsoup, Microsoft and other companies to ensure our supported nonprofits get the best pricing available.

We look forward to talking to you about how we could support your organization. Please give us a call anytime at 615-600-4010 or email us at