Ascend Technology

Vision and Nonprofit Support

Serving Others.

Ascend Technology is a newer company, and like most new companies, we are working towards becoming profitable. Once the company is making a profit, our plan is that 100% of the company’s profit will be donated to non-profit organizations and places of faith. As the company owner, I have capped my salary at $45,000 annually. Once we are profitable, a monthly update will be posted on our website with information about overall company spending and what nonprofits we donated to that month. Also, we will have an independent auditor providing a transparency report to our clients/customers.

Donation Reports

Peru 2008

Peru 2008

A little more background…

In October of 2007, I took a vacation to Costa Rica that started a significant shift in my life. While headed out to rappel down waterfalls, we passed a tiny dirt floor house that a family of four lived in. That moment led to me wanting to give back in a greater way - 3 months later I had left a well-paying IT Security job and was headed to Peru to work at an orphanage for a few months.

After reflecting on my next step, I decided to go back to school and get a Master’s degree in social work. I graduated from the University of Texas in 2013, and provided individual, couples and group counseling. I’ve worked in prisons, residential programs, schools and typical counseling offices. My focus has been primarily working with Veterans and people struggling with substance use issues and addictions. I am a veteran myself, have past addiction issues in my own life, and have some very close friends and family members that have struggled with substance use issues.

This year, my goal is to start a nonprofit organization focused on providing addiction-related low cost or free group counseling and intervention services for families in the middle Tennessee area. Longer term, I hope the nonprofit will grow to support a farming-based residential treatment program for Veterans and individuals struggling with substance use issues and other addictions. A large portion of the profits from Ascend Technology will be donated to this nonprofit.

If you are interested in learning more about the nonprofits that we donate to or the current status of the nonprofit, feel free to call or email!